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What is working at Waverly Community Schools (WCS) and why are we proud of our accomplishments?  First, it is imperative that we define what is important at WCS.  Our number one focus is our students, not just some or the easiest to work with, but all of our students.  The emphasis is that all students increase their academic achievement which only happens with increased learning.  We believe that our vocation is to serve our parents and guardians by preparing our students to compete on a global basis.

WCS assesses just how well we are serving our students through the measurement of the following Board of Education & Superintendent Goals.  These goals have been refined and restructured on a continual level for the last five years.  They are:

  • Improved Academic Achievement for all Students
  • Effectively Embed Technology in the Instructional Process
  • The establishment of a new Financial Plan
  • Development and Design of a New Marketing Plan

Our success in Goal attainment has been measured the following ways.

  1. Improved Academic Achievement has shown considerable success since the initial identification of this goal.  We compare our academic achievement (test scores) based on standardized test scores across thirteen school districts in Mid-Michigan that comprise the Ingham Intermediate School District.  During the period of 2012 – 2016 we used the Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP) and the Michigan Merit Exam (MME).  We have now switched to the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) because of the Michigan Department of Education’s decision to switch assessment formats.  During the 2012 – 2016-time period I am happy to report that as a district our students improved 38% when compared to other Mid-Michigan School Districts.  The improvement on the M-STEP is still incomplete until we compile additional performance data with future years of testing.  
  2. Effectively Embedded Technology in the instructional process initially looked to be a difficult goal to improve upon.  The reason was that the district did not have adequate and up to date technology to infuse.  Thanks to the reality of a passed Technology Bond, supported by our fantastic community, we have become a one to one district (each student having access to a computer) during the school day. The infusing of technology into the instructional process is a goal on which we have made considerable improvement.  Students and staff use technology to collaborate, critically think, communicate and solve problems.  These 21st Century Learning Skills are what we mean when we say “Infusing Technology into the Instructional Process”.
  3. In 2012 WCS had been spending more each year than it received from the State of Michigan to operate the District.  When a district deficit spends it must dip into fund balance (savings) to balance the books.  The rate of Deficit Spending could only run an additional two years without the district running out of funds.  The Board and Superintendent put together a New Financial Plan that would eliminate deficit spending by July 2014.  As a district we reached our goal by January 2014, some six months early.  We now have a healthy budget, no longer engage in deficit spending and have our largest gain in enrollment in the last fifteen years.
  4. We have put together a new Marketing Plan centered on enhancing and communicating the positive things accomplished at WCS.  The district has rebranded itself (new motto/Warrior).  The new/redesigned Warrior is just the beginning of the marketing plan.  We hope that this new design begins to reflect the Pride, Tradition and Excellence that we all associate with Waverly Community Schools.

What is most important is that we welcome and care about the success of all our students and keep refining our goals to make sure that “Student Learning” remains our top priority.  Welcome to Waverly Community Schools, and as always when the “family and the schools work together the result is always student success”.

Yours in Student Success,

Terry L. Urquhart


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