School Culture

Waverly Community Schools Commitment to Equity

We, members of the Waverly Community Schools, are committed to partnering with our community to build inclusive learning environments in which every student, staff member, parent or guardian, and community member is treated with dignity and respect.

Board of Education Resolution, adopted June 2020

Our students, families, staff and community members bring with them diverse and unique identities, abilities, and strengths.

Each student gets what she or he needs in order to have access, meaningful participation, and make progress in learning experiences that result in academic success.

All people feel safe, respected, heard, valued, affirmed, and understood, particularly those from marginalized groups.

Waverly Community Schools is committed to providing equitable opportunities for students by:

  • Creating educational opportunities that ensure all students experience rigorous and high-level curriculum
  • Ensuring curriculum is culturally responsive and inclusive of multiple populations and perspectives
  • Ensuring students have access to support staff and mental health resources