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Waverly High School's Peer to Peer Program

On Wednesday, June 19, 12  students from Waverly High School’s Peer to Peer program traveled to the Kellogg Center in East Lansing to be the panel at the LINK Think Tank,  which is part of Michigan’s START ( Statewide Autism Resources and Training). 

 As part of the panel at this conference, Waverly students were able to give their input and share their experiences with Peer to Peer which will help guide programming in the State of Michigan.  In addition to the panel, the peer to peer students were able to have one on one conversations with many of the State leaders in this field and play medium of exchange games. As a special thank you for their participation, Waverly’s Peer to Peer program was given a special Waverly edition of  corn hole to back take back to the school. 

* Sidenote - Peer to peer was first developed in Michigan in 1990 under the direction of Maureen Ziegler. Today there are more than 16,000 links in 815 schools in Michigan. Michigan has the only accredited Peer to Peer program in the country. 

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