Stormwater Management


Stormwater carries untreated water runoff directly into creeks and rivers and, by doing so, impacts our environment. Improper disposal of wastes, such as oil, paint, fertilizer and pesticides will pollute the stormwater and destroy plants, endanger wildlife and affect drinking water. Never dump materials, including grass clippings, into any storm drain or drainage canal, and be sure to keep any catch basins on your property free of grass clippings and debris.


Waverly Community Schools is committed to our environment and will strive to be good stewards of the land within our jurisdiction and to use appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to contribute to the improvement of water quality within the Watershed.


Waverly Community Schools encourages all students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors to get involved with the opportunities provided by the local water shed groups, such as the Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management at

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