Health Information

Health Information you should know.

School staff must be notified of a student’s health concerns or chronic conditions each year, to ensure that they are prepared to meet your child’s needs in the case of an emergency.  Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, or Seizures may require your child to have medications in school for his/her safety.  Below you will find the correct forms that need to be filled out by parent/guardian and physician before the school staff is able to medicate your child. 

If there are special health needs other than the above conditions, please contact the District Nurse to discuss an Individualized Health Plan.  Accommodations, physician orders and staff training can be discussed at that time.   

Medication Request Form: This document is required when there is ANY medication (either over-the-counter or prescription) that will be on school property.  Please fill out the form completely and have both physician and parent/guardian signatures present before giving it to the building secretary with any medication. 

PDF DocumentMedication Request Form

Asthma Action Plan:  This is a written plan that is developed by the physician, to manage asthma.  If medication is to be available while the student is in school, the Medication Request Form must also be completed (included in below link). 

PDF DocumentAsthma Action Plan

Diabetic Action Plan:  This is a written plan developed by the physician for the care and treatment of Diabetes.  Whether or not the student is independent with their treatment, the plan will help staff support the student as needed. 

PDF DocumentDiabetic Action Plan

Allergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan:  This document provides communication of life-threatening allergies and physician direction in the event of a reaction. 

PDF DocumentAllergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Seizure Action Plan:  This document provides information from physician and parent/guardian on what a student’s seizure may look like and how to help the student in the event of a seizure.  If medication is needed, please fill out form and return it to the building secretary with the medication. 

PDF DocumentSeizure Action Plan

Forms:  (New forms must be completed each and every year)

Mobile Dentist:

Great news! Our school has once again partnered with Smile Programs…the mobile dentists to offer in-school dental care. Sign up your child today at 

Even better, dental care is usually at no cost to you. All insurance is accepted including 
Medicaid and CHIP. For those without insurance, a low-cost self-pay option or grant is available. 

Convenient and comfortable 

Our in-school dental program saves you time and provides a safe and comfortable 
place for your child to receive gentle dental care from licensed local professionals. 
Dental care includes a complete dental exam, x-rays, cleaning, fluoride and sealants 
when necessary, and in some cases, restorative care such as fillings. 

Dental care for a healthy life 

Children who see a dentist regularly may have fewer health issues like: 

Early tooth loss caused by dental decay 

Gum disease 

Heart disease 

Impaired speech development 

Help keep your child healthy, in school and learning. 

Upcoming Dates:
Colt - 
Elmwood - 
Waverly East - 
Waverly Middle - 
Waverly Senior High - 
Winans - 

Mobile Dentist Sign up

Attention Kindergarten Parents & Guardians:

Kindergarten Hearing & Vision Screening sign-up.

Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

PDF DocumentCardiac Emergency Response Plan