History of Waverly Community Schools

History of Waverly Community Schools

In 1958 there was a landslide vote in the Delta-Waverly area opposed to the annexation with Lansing School District. The Waverly Community School District was established and included four elementary schools: Stoner, Bretton Woods, Windemere View, and Windemere Park.The Waverly Community School district was established as a result of a public vote in 1960 to consolidate four independent school systems west of Lansing. In order to accommodate projected population expansion in the Delta-Waverly community, plans were laid to build the present middle school, high school, East Intermediate, Colt and Winans Elementary schools. The Administration offices were housed at the old Millet School on Lansing Road.


In 1960 the Waverly Schools formed. First year school enrollment was 2199.

In 1960, seventh grade was added to Windemere Park. District enrollment was 2500.

In 1961, Waverly East opened as a seventh and eighth grade junior high school.
District enrollment was 2800.

In 1962, ninth grade was added to Waverly East. Meryl S. Colt Elementary opens. Colt is named after Mrs. Meryl S. Colt, who taught for 28 years in Michigan. She served as the Superintendent of Bretton Woods School District from 1951-57. Waverly Administrative Offices are opened at Millett School. District enrollment was 3,300.

In 1963, Waverly High School opens to tenth and eleventh grades (twelfth grades voted to stay with their graduating class at Sexton High School in Lansing). Waverly Maintenance and Transportation building opens. At this time, the buildings for Waverly include Windemere Park Elementary School, Windemere View Elementary School, Stoner Elementary school, Colt Elementary School, Snow Road Elementary School, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Waverly Junior High School, Waverly High School, Board of Education Offices, and the Transportation and Maintenance building. District enrollment was 3,600.

In 1965, the first class graduated from Waverly High School.

In 1966, district enrollment was 4,147.

In 1967, Elmwood Elementary and Winans Elementary opened. District enrollment was 4,400.

In 1968, Waverly West (currently Waverly Middle School), opens as the second junior high school containing eighth and ninth grades. Sixth grade students now attend Waverly East Junior High School.


In 1975, the Administrative Center opened on Snow Road.


In 1980, Windemere Park Elementary closes.

In 1984, the District is now known as The Waverly Community Schools.

In 1985, ninth grade freshmen joins Waverly High School and Waverly West changes to Waverly Middle School. Waverly Middle School serves grade 7-8.

In 1987, Waverly East closes as a school building and begins to be used as a community services building.

In 1989, Waverly East Intermediate reopens as a school building serving students in the fifth and sixth grade. The elementary schools now serve Kindergarten through fourth grades.


In 2000, the voters approve a $49 million dollar bond to improve the facilities for all the district buildings.


In 2011, Windemere View Elementary closes.

2011 – Colt Elementary changes its name to Colt Early Childhood Education Center, which now serves students from pre school through first grade. Winans Elementary and Elmwood Elementary begins serving students from second through fourth grade.

2012 – Voters approve an operating millage renewal for ten years.

2013- The Waverly Technology Bond was passed by the voters in the Waverly Community School district on May 7, 2013. The Technology Bond is an 18.4 million dollar bond over 10 years. This bond is referred to as a “Technology Bond” because the focus of the bond is to improve technology throughout the district, but bond dollars can be used for needed capital improvements.  In this case, the renovations are needed to support the technology goals by adding electrical outlets for the new devices, renovating some media center spaces to create 21st century learning environments for our students, and other related facility improvements.  The security systems will be installed to help protect students while in our schools and during transportation on district buses.  In order to ensure student safety, the bus fleet must also be upgraded to keep students safe and secure.

2014 – Colt Early Childhood Education Center was changed to house pre school and Kindergarten.  First grade students will now be attending Elmwood Elementary and Winans Elementary.  Both of these buildings will now be first through fourth grades.

2016 – Voters approved a sinking fund millage to maintain the facilities.

2016-2017 School year – unlimited School of Choice enrollment.  Deadline August 12th, 2016.