High School News and Information

PowerSchool & PowerSchool App

Our student record database is known as PowerSchool. Parents shall be provided a log-in to be able to track their student’s academic and attendance progress. The PowerSchool parent portal can be accessed through our district’s website: https://www.waverlycommunityschools.net/parents-students/powerschool-parent-portal/ Parents should keep contact information accurate and updated in PowerSchool. PowerSchool also now has an app available to parents which offers real-time notifications. You will receive instant alerts if your child is marked absent to one of their classes. An overview of how this app operates is available using this link: https://youtube/vA8gI-gTlMI

4th period each day is designated as “PRIDE” Period. The Acronym PRIDE stands for the core values of WHS: Respect, Preparation, Integrity, Determination, and Engagement.
The purpose of PRIDE Period is to be responsive to the needs of WHS Students. Our goals are to 1) promote relationship-building to ensure every student has an adult mentor; 2) provide time for interventions and support where a wide range of skills and abilities are present among learners; and to 3) promote student-driven learning opportunities, including participation in extra-curricular activities and SAT-Prep modules on Khan Academy.